I focus mostly on CS education for kids grade 6-12.

Roadmap for Kids’ CS Education

This is a road map for kids to learn coding.

Scratch - Processing - Python  - Algorithm - USACO 
                               - Data pkgs - SODS - Kaggle - Research
                     - Node.js - React.js  - Hackthons - Start-up
  • Coding Dojo JS – my site for kids to learn JavaScript. 6-12.
  • Coding Dojo Python – my main site for teaching kids coding. 6-12.
  • Scratch – every kids’ first coding site for k-5.
  • Kaggle – to practice your ML skills with vast dataset. 9-young professional.
  • USACO – Computing Olympiad for high-schoolers. 9-12.
  • Major League Hacking – a kids friendly hackathon site for all the young hackers out there. 9-young professional.

Personal sites:

  • Play list to help you become a programmer, data engineer, AI engineer, computer scientist, computational biologist, quant, algo trader, and many more quantitative roles in modern day workforce.